Re-bE believes in the Freedom

of Creative Expression

to Inspire, Connect, Belong,
and Create a Social Impact

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An Educational, Social Innovation, Creativity Program, founded on Music and Improvisation, Re-bE began with the fundamental principle of disseminating Music of Quality to the youth (K-12), to aid in their development and add to their foundation the healing benefits Music can offer, and in the process, aid in the cultivation, creation, and evolution of a new generation of music appreciators, well-rounded, balanced individuals, and contributing members of the Global Music, Environmental and Cultural Community, who can positively contribute to Society.

Developed by Alexia Vassiliou, Re-bE brings Music, Creativity and Culture to the youth. In a joint effort with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth of Cyprus, Re-bE has been approved to enter all public schools of the Republic of Cyprus as an innovative approach to education.



Social Inclusion & Integration


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