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music for all . music everywhere

Re-bE Communities enters the cities; from the most isolated areas to the city centers, making Music Accessible to All, no matter the age, gender, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.


Under the umbrella of Re-bE Schools, Re-be Communities offers Music Listening via the Re-bE Creative Exercises, in a series of Experiential Workshops.


Music, Creativity, and Improvisation are the building blocks of each specifically designed workshop, with the aim to Creatively distract the participants and allow them to Freely and Creatively, Express.


Designed for the needs of the individual/group, the Re-bE Creative Exercises are Multidimensional and Multidisciplinary.


The program offers:

  • Re-bE Voice
  • Re-bE Improvised Music
  • Re-bE Improvised Art
  • Re-bE Doodling
  • Re-bE Collage
  • Re-bE Improvised Storytelling
  • Re-bE Creative Writing
  • Re-bE Creative Movement
  • Re-bE Creative Curiosity
  • Re-bE Environment
  • Re-bE Rhythm
  • Re-bE Aesthetics